Our Approach

We are a well-known manufacturer of fashion clothing situated in Istanbul, Turkey. We have worked with companies around the globe, for example, the UK, US, and Israel. We are here to help you with both large scale manufacturing and small batches. Contact us today for more information.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and ours started 40 years ago when Mehmet Nasirli and his brother started up Nass C in Istanbul/Turkey. Since then we have thrived in our field and we are today a well-known company with more than 60 employees, situated on the European side of Istanbul.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you with your manufacturing here in Istanbul, Turkey. We know that it is expensive to manufacture in Europe etc. due to high costs and that manufacturers in China are looking for a high amount of samples. We however, give good prices and we are able to help with both large scale manufacturing and small batches.

Meet the Team

Here under you can see the owner, CEO and Vice President of Nasirli Kardesler. Nasirli Kardesler employs more than 60 workers, among these a top-designer, pattern maker and professional cutters.


Rasim Resit Nasirli

Founder & CEO

Rasim Resit Nasirli, CEO, speaks more than 4 languages and is therefore mostly seen speaking with customers, organizing the manufacturing and at exhibitions around the globe.


Hakan Nasirli

Vice President

Hakan Nasirli, Vice President, is helping both you and the companies to reach a high business potential. He also calculates the numbers and costs for each garment.

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Mehmet Nasirli


Mehmet Nasirli, who founded the company 40 years ago is well-known around the manufacturing scene in Istanbul he is willing to help you find the best fabrics and has an extra eye on the manufacturing process.