Tips for Exhibition Stand Management – 2

  1. Be there on time

Before the exhibition opens make sure you are in your stand to check that it is ready for the show. Go through the colour scheme of your garments and arrange them according to the best perspective. Then, double check so you haven’t left out your personal belongings – it’s better to put them somewhere else for example in the dressing room many stands come with.

Maybe you can also get a sneak-peak of your competition, to see their collections. It’s a good idea to be friendly with the organisers as they are friendlier and help you more that way.


  1. To do list

You should also prepare a to-do list or a checklist so you remember everything you need to do/bring. I once found myself in the stand without my order-sheets which I had forgotten back at the hotel. Learn from my lesson and check that you have everything you need; order-sheets, invoices, customer files, pens, a notepad and other materials you might need during the exhibition.

Probably it will help you to share your stress with your stand partner. Otherwise if you try to think for everything that will consume your energy that you need to use for sales.

As NASIRLI KARDESLER TEKSTIL – NASSC we always support our customers and tell them that we are not just their manufacturer but also a member of their business team.

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