Tips for Exhibition Stand Management

We all know that running a stand at a trade show is hard work. It can also be exhausting to travel and exhibit all over the world but this is how commerce must be conducted by many business sectors – so do make the best of it!

There are probably not many people who ‘like’ running an exhibition stand, at least not after the first day has passed, when the excitement goes away and you can feel how tired you are. Whether your event is a large, professionally-organized show, or a smaller one, you need to stay alerted and energetic for many, many hours.

So, here comes 2 tips for you (I’ll post 8 more tips as soon as possible);

  1. Never go alone!

You certainly know that running a stand is harder than a full-time job when an exhibition is on, and it should never be left unattended. But you must go on some breaks, so even if you are an alone trader, take a partner with you or a family member, I especially recommend someone who can speak many languages so they can help you communicate with the customers that are coming from many different parts of the world.

  1. Dress appropriately

You need to dress properly but also think about dressing comfortably as you will be standing up many hours – working till night.

NassC – NASIRLI KARDESLER TEKSTIL is participating and has participated in many exhibitions around the world. We, therefore, know how hard it can be for you as a stand owner to manage your stand – but keep updated. We will give soon give you 8 more great tips for exhibition stand management here at

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